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The Teacher Eligibility Test, it is an Indian entrance examination for teachers. It was held in 2011 for the 1st time by the apex body for schools i.e. CBSE with support of central govt. Since then it is conducted twice a year . TET coaching classes/ CTET Coaching is basically conducted to extract the best teachers. This a new way opted by Govt. to raise the standard of education system as well to achieve goals of 'right to education' . It will bring national standards and bench mark of teacher quality. 
The test consists of basic school subjects i.e. English, Hindi, Punjabi, Math , Science, Social Studies and Child Psychology owns a special weight age in any subject as some amount of questions are always from C.P. The test basically consists of 150 questions: 30 questions from each subject and the questions framed to test teachers applicability and not rate memory.60% i.e. 90 out of 150 is considered pass/qualified but the central Govt. makes the merit list which means scoring 90 is not the aim rather scoring highest is the goal. That is why AV Lucent provides the best coaching for TET coaching classes,CTET coaching,HTET coaching,teacher eligibility test in Delhi with full study material.When it comes to scoring highest and achieving the aim, then comes AV Lucent.Yes, we put in the best of the best efforts and provide you the TET coaching/CTET coaching. We are not just dedicated for your success but we are passionate to achieve your goal. WE at AV Lucent spend every second to prepare the best material and deliver the best to you .In TET coaching classes /CTET coaching course we conduct numerous test, time to time to build up your pace and train your brain for the test .Our TET coaching /CTET coaching covers every aspect of TET (whatever it may be) .With the best teachers round the corner we have created a world class environment to coach you. Our teachers are completely devoted and they are ready to clear your doubts at any point of time.